Donna had all the connecting people we needed

My family and I would like to thank Donna for everything she suggested and has done to sell Mom and Dad’s house. We grew up in this house which Mom and Dad owned for over fifty years. Dad passed away 17 years ago and we tried to keep Mom in the house where she wanted to stay. Mom had to be moved to a nursing home and we had to sell the house to pay for everything she needs now. Time was very crucial and I could not have done this by myself. Donna had all the connecting people we needed and she sold the house in 3 months after we spent 9 months of cleaning out and fixing up everything to help sell the house. It has been great working with Donna she has been on top of the scheduling and timing of everything that had to be done. I would highly recommend Donna to anybody that is buying or selling their house. Thank you so much,

— Debbie Johnston and family